31. July 2019

Kyoto – Cherry Blossom spots

This article includes advertisement. You plan to visit Kyoto during Sakura season (cherryblossom season)? Than keep on reading, because after reading this blog article you will […]
3. July 2019

7 things to do in Kyoto

This article includes advertisement. Once in Japan you should visit the imperial city Kyoto. In this blog article we tell you 7 things you have to […]
3. July 2019

Cherry, Cherry Tokyo

This blog article includes advertisement Cherry, Cherry Japan You are planing your trip to Japan during the cherry blossom season? Than keep on reading. This article […]
16. June 2019

Tokyo – What to do?

This blog article includes advertisement Once in lifetime you have to visit Tokyo – the global city. We spent 5 days in Tokyo during Cherryblossom season […]
20. April 2019

Stopover in Singapore

This blog article includes advertisement One day in Singapore – What to do? When we booked our flights from Australia to Japan, we included a 21 […]
23. March 2019

Car in Australia – buy or rent?

This blog article includes advertisement This blog post is about cars in Australia. Buy or rent a car? We have dealt with this question extensively and would […]
2. March 2019

Innerland of Sri Lanka

This blog article includes advertisement We already gave you tips for Colombo, recommendations for the coast and a general overview for a perfect 3 week Sri […]
27. February 2019

Coastline of Sri Lanka

This blogpost includes advertisement In our first Sri Lanka blog article we already introduced our perfect route. Is Sri Lanka already on your bucket list? Than […]
5. February 2019

Colombo – what to do?

This article includes advertisement What to do in Colombo? Colombo is next to Negombo for most of the tourist the lynchpin of a Sri Lanka tour. […]